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    2002 Virage MFI NEED HELP

    I am working on a MFI that show alot of moisture on the speedometer and the LCD. I have cut it open on the green arrow as stated in previous threads. I have the MFI back cover off.I am trying to dry with slightly warm air from hair dryer. The speedometer is stuck on 80 MPH. Do I need to take out the eight screws and take out the printed circuit board to help remove moisture and cleanup?

    I took the MFI out because I was thinking the MFI was shorting out. I would sometime have the display with everthing working and sometimes it would be scrampled or off. I checked pin one and three and had 12.8 constant voltage.

    I have no problems starting the ski but problems between 2500 to 3000 RPMs that the ski wants to cut down or die. If I play with the throttle and when I get past 3000 RPMS it runs great. May take 30 seconds or 3 or 4 minutes to get it going. I had it on the hose today and it was cutting out at 3000 RPMS. I unpluged the MFI amd jumpered out pin 1 and 3 and it would rev past 3000 ok. It was raining today so I did not get it on the water to verify. Thats why I cut open the MFI thinking it might be causing the problem by shorting out the MFI as the voltage was increasing.

    I have changed the fuel lines, cleaned the filter and installed new plugs. I also install a new regulator my voltage was building up to 16.7 volts on MFI and verified with my Fluke 85. I am looking to get the MFI back together and see what it does. Sorry this turned into a book but wanted to give you some details. I bought the ski last fall and don't have alot of details except it looks very clean.

    One last question. Will it hurt to run the ski with the jumper on #1&3. If there is a problem like overheating it probably not shut down to 3000 RPM?

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    i had a simalar problem on my 2001 virage . condesation inside mfi . but apart from the front outside cover i could not take this thing apart . and saw nothing of 8 screws ?? i have posted pics of my old unit . is this simalar to the one you have ?? ( note , the one i had wasn't for the virage , but rather the mfi showed a spot for reverse trim , and had a compass) ???? new one dosn't

    i was having trouble starting , and rough running , the speedo was stuck at 25mph , and the digital display looked like a game of space invaders. i jumped my 1 and 3 pins and things got better .

    a new one is 750 cdn , but i found some guys with used , and they ranged 150 - 225 .

    it would be interesting to me to see how you seal old one up and if it stays working .

    good luck

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    I pulled the eight screws out last nite and split the unit apart somewhat. Was not sure how far to take it. Put a fan on overnite and unit has seemed to dryed out. I an going to split alittle more and give the speedometer dial a little tug to see it it is only stuck. I am going to test drive with the jumper first, then put it together without sealing and see if the MFI works. If it does I will seal. I have included some photos, mine is not a sealed unit like yours.
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    I think you are the first one to post photos of an MFI that has been cut open. The posted photos with a green arrow for the cut location are for the older, smaller oval style MFD, not the newer, larger MFI (which only fits the Genesis and Virage models).

    I don't have time right now to review the wiring diagrams, but I think the overheat system will still work, just not inform you on the display (since the display would not be plugged in).

    Other than that, I don't think there is any downside to running with the MFI security by-pass jumper, other than not being able to see any warnings, fuel or oil level, etc.

    Update: Here is another Polaris MFI that has been cut open
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    Took the ski out today and ran with the jumper on Term 1 & 3 and ski ran much better. Decided to take the rest of the MFI apart. Didn"t have much to loose since the LCD was scrambled or no display. After you take the eight screws out and disconnect the ribbon cable everthing lifts out. I left the LCD screen in but you can clean both the connections to the LCD. Put unit back together and now have fuel, oil and clock (sleep mode)but could not get it to wake up. Unit never did wake up by ski but at one time did wake up manually with buttons. I think the wake up mode had quit before I opened and thats why the speedometer was stuck on 80 MPH.

    There are two things you need to be careful if you open one up. When cutting open be very careful cutting directly under the push buttons, thats where the ribbon cable is and directly below where you are cutting. The other is be very careful when installing the 8 screws and tighten slowly watching the LCD screen, I ended up with one small black spot along one edge( I was not watching tha LCD)

    Below are two additional pictures showing the other side of the printed circuit board and LCD. I guess I will have to look for another MFI if I want one that wakes up. The ski is running much better on take off now. We are going on a two day trip so I will see how everthing goes.
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