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    Can I safely adjust my mix ratio

    I just redid my carbs and converted my 95 SLT 750 to pre mix. I've read in the forums that the mix ratio should be 40:1 but I am producing a lot of smoke. Is that normal with these skis or should I cut down to 50:1 and if so is it safe for the engine. From reading a couple of different forums it seems like personal preference on 40:1 or 50:1. I can deal with the smoke but I would like to use the correct mixture. This is my first jet ski so any help would be appreciated.

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    I have heard you can run 50:1 synthetic, but I am not sure on Dino oil

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    Some of the high quality, fully synthetic 2-stroke oils produce less smoke.

    Also, some of the best oils allow for thinner oils ratios per fuel gallon. At least one oil is rated for 100:1, but you need to check whether that only applies to outboard motors.

    You may consider re-installing the oil pump system. The oil pumps are variable flow rate, and run about 100:1 at low RPM, and increase flow rates at high RPM to provide enough lubrication. Overall, the oil system uses about 1/2 the oil that pre-mix does, and it smokes less.

    The Polaris oil injection system is actually quite reliable, as long as the oil hoses are replaced every few years, the oil filter is changed, and the clamps and such are checked regularly.

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    Welcome to the Hulk Mrb.

    40:1 is recommended for normal oil. It's what the pump would supply at WOT, so you will never have an issue of not enough oil.

    Actually a richer oil ratio helps rings seal better, giving better compression.

    Synthetic oils can run less oil, but the proper ratio would be up to you.

    What I like to do is run WOT everywhere, and not worry about smoke.....

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