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    vibration at 2500 3000rpm

    2007 gp1300r rode around in chop for a while with two people on ski...then while riding at about 15mph in calmer water felt a bad vibration out of off ski figured i might have had something stuck in grate..nothing there pulled out grate and nothing wrapped around anything..pulled pump off back and still nothing inside and impellor shows normal wear but still nothing stuck in there...maybe a motor mount? not really sure whats going on but im skeptical on a mount due to the fact of the vibration started in calm water not pounding through the water.. looking for a direction to go next....thanks

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    If you were riding in shallow water the ski can begin to vibrate because your running out of water. I had it happen a couple times while I was riding and I just got out of the shallow water and keep riding. If you checked your pump, grate etc and see nothing take it out by yourself and ride it around.

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    how much you guys wt. together?

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    approx 325 together...i rode the ski by myself after still had same vibration. water depth was aprox 15ft.

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    Does the vibration change while running at different speeds/rpm?

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    didnt really push it hard after i felt vibration..but id say it got worse as the more gas i gave it along with a lack of power. after taking the pump out and grate and pump shoe out im going to re-install and re-test in water see if its still there....anyone know what i re-seal pump with?

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    check all exhaust bolts that hold the stinger to the head...just happened to me, all bolts backed out stripped holes broke studs and had a vibration from exhaust...what a mess it was

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