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    Why wont a GP 1200 faster than 70?

    I have a 97 triple piped, big bore ,Riva port job ,buckshot 46mm carbs, Riva CDI,, ride plate scope grate and trim tabs, Solas J turning 7700rpm. I can only get 69mph out of it why? Isn't the engine getting close to 200hp. I just can't understand why it won't go any faster..

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    Get your prop repitched. If you run that J at about 7400-7500 rpm you will see 70. Your engine has to work to get 70. With that pitch your rpms are too high, your engine is just spinning that prop. I also think that J prop you have might be a 13/19. You should look for a true 14/20 J. You need to start with the 14/20 root angle.

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