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    Question New to Jetskis and picked up a SL700 - need some help please.

    As the title says this is my first watercraft of any kind. I came across this 1996 SL700 for a good deal I thought, $1000. It cleaned up really well and all seemed well. The previous owner had the engine profesionally rebuilt a year ago and it has had 30 hours on it since. It hasnt been ran in a while so I put in fresh gas with amsoil 2-stroke pre mixed (previous owner eliminated oil tank auto mix), I also replaced the plugs with the proper NGK part numbers. She started up fine on land for a brief moment so i took her to the water today. Ran like a dream for about 15 minutes. The wife and I flipped the boat but had it back over within 15 seconds. Took allot of trying but finally got it to start back up. Well about 10 minutes later the wife wants to drive so i stop but leave the motor idling. Within 10 seconds it died and from that point on will not start at all. I have changed the plugs AGAIN (even though the old ones i put in yesterday looked fine) and still nothing. It turns over just fine but wont get going. When I hold in the gas it makes a deeper sound while cranking. I Also checked the plugs and they are firing. Im a novice mechanic with no marine motor experience. Any help would be much appreciated!

    My apologies, I just realized I put this in the wrong section.

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    You need fuel , fire and air to run.

    Sounds like fuel is the problem.

    Check the fuel it clean an have gas flowing? empty it, see if there is water in there.
    It sounds dumb, but is the fuel turned on/reserve?
    Some fuel lines break down and you end up with a green slime in the system that will clog a carb.

    If you pull a sparkplug, take an eyedropper or a teaspoon and drop a little gas in the cylinder. replace the plug. Try cranking it, if it fires a little but doesn't start, you definitely have a fuel line/ fuel pump/carb problem.

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    check your electrical box, you might have gotten water in it and it has corroded

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    or take a water bottle (empty and dry) use a push pin to pop a hole in teh cap. fill with pre mix and drip into carbs while trying to start. If it runs while you drip fuel into the carbs, you have a fuel issue

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    Welcome to Green Hulk !

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    Thanks for the great suggestions. I'm going to try the fuel in the spark plug holes this afternoon. I went out to check the fuel filter and found a couple things I believe could be the filter. The first and second pic below show what I am thinking. Which of these is the actual filter and how do I check it?

    I also wanted to see if the electrical is coroded as suggested above. To check it do I need to disassembe this black box (last picture)? It has an awful lot wires going to it so it makes me a bit nervous to open it up without knowing for sure im supposed to.

    I will reply this afternoon about how the inserting fuel goes. Again, thanks to all for tyhe help, this is all very very new to me...

    EDIT: I just found this bulletin: This sounds like it is worth a shot, however I have no idea where these wires are they speak of: "The Service Bulletin method, which is the preferred method for reliable warm re-starts, is to connect the Red/Purple wire coming out of the CDI (and only that Red/Purple wire) to the Orange wire terminal." Can anyone explain this better to someone who has no idea what the parts are called to begin with....

    The ignition/stator upgrade also sounds like it could be a possibility. How could I rule that out?

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    Update, I tried putting drops of fuel in the spark plug holes as suggested. It made no difference. I think its getting fuel because when I crank it if I open the throttle up it sounds deeper. I really think its something electronic stopping the engine from firing. As I said above we have spark, gas, and air, could it be the kill switch? I took the tether switch apart and it appears to be in good shape, but how do i test it?

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    Just remember to keep it simple at first.

    You got water in the ski somewhere and did not get it out or you shorted something out.

    Did you turn it over the right way. On that craft it is clockwise. That will make a big difference.

    You need to inspect all the areas that could have gotton water in the wrong way.

    The electrical box is a good idea to open up and check as well as they are not waterproof. Might need to remove the exhuast to check as well. and work your way back. Take off the flame arrestor and try and feed it gas directly / clean it as well. Do you have any fogging oil. That helps remove water in the system and helps in starting.

    There are lots of posts on here on how to clean things up after a roll over.

    Sounds like you got a great deal and as a bonus your wife loves to ride it too.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ctek View Post
    Did you turn it over the right way. On that craft it is clockwise. That will make a big difference.
    Perhaps this is where the problem lies. I just read the sticker on the back and we rolled it the wrong way. The boat was only upside down for about 20 seconds. What happens when you roll it the wrong way??


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    refering to your pics . the first one is the fuel filter , you can take it out and check for blockages or debris , but it has to go back in in the right direction ( see filter for fuel flow arrow) the second is the fuel /water seperator . does what it sounds like ....the red ring on the bottom of the clear glass is the float floats on the water to show you your level of water . red on bottom is good . but keep an eye on it !!

    third pic of electrical box . i have to ask is this thing just laying there loose ??? also on the box is a clear bubble , which is your reset . white button inside is up if it is blown or tripped . how is yours .

    you can also open the box up to see if it has signs of water in it . and check the fuses inside.
    as for rolling it wrong way . water in the hull .

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