How much more can go wrong with the simplest mod yet?
I get the cover and it's the wrong pattern. I decide I can live with it, it looks good, just a lot more white on it than I wanted really. Harder to keep clean.
The instructions call for T-50 Stainless staples so of course I have a T-25 and a T-75 staple gun so off to the Home Depot for that. Get back and start and after 2 staples the gun jambs, look closely at it and find it's manufactured with the slot only half cut out. Go back for a second one. now these are the chrome Arrow guns, I thought I was getting a good one. Get back and after about 20 staples the handle comes loose! Jeeze, wth. I go back and get a PowerShot staple gun this time. I'm done with Arrow. It doesn't have quite enough power to drive the staples all the way in and they stick out just a bit so I continue anyway. I figure I can hammer them in after. Get all 500 or so staples in and start hammering. Go figure, they all bend over a little. None of them hammer right in. I guess I can live with it as the cover is still good but I go sit it on the ski and all looks great. I sit on it and when I get off I notice that it now has some wrinkles in it. Looks kind of just not perfect. Not bad but not perfect. I swear I pulled that thing really tight. I mean I really pulled it tight!.
Anyway, I think I just had a bad day. Dunno, going riding tomorrow. I'll fix it after.
I'vre built motors and fabed in custom frame sub-sections on my desert race trucks of past so I thought I could handle a simple seat cover-- go figure.