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Thread: Big Grin!

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    Big Grin!

    Well, had the ski out for the first time after rebuilding do to a broken connecting rod. Rode for about an hour lightly and wouldnt ya know it, a kawasaki 15f comes up and wants to line up.....a little nervous since its my first time back after major engine failure... But, non the less, cant turn down a race! Won by about 5 lengths before he let off. Very happy with the results. My first 2 stroke build and I am all smiles after today. If anyone is contemplating rebuilding, I say go for it! D/L the service manual and take your time and you will be rewarded with alot of money saved and a great running ski! Thanks everyone for there help!

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    nice congrats...i agree its rewarding to accomplish these tasks by yourself

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    Way to go!!!

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