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    '96 780SLT MFD question

    Question / diagnostic for the Greenhulk gurus here:

    I have a couple Polaris skis. 1997 1050SL and a 1996 780SLT.

    Problem is with the MFD on the 780SLT.
    Yes, it's been around for a while and some of the digits are partially faded, especially some of the LCD parts on the lower half of the display. Anyhow, that does not bother me, as its totall readable, but the damn thing keeps blowing the fuse about every other time I ride it. New 1/4amp fuse from Radioshack and she'll run fine and the display will work for a ride or two (4-5 hours run time), then the next time we go out, the thing almost always blows within an hour or so of getting out on the river or lake.

    No other symptoms, harness looks fine, connector on the back of the MFD looks fine. I make sure to use a little dielectric grease whenever I'm connecting / unconnecting stuff. I ordered a new terminal board as I thought maybe there was a little corrosion on a few connectors, but that did not fix it.

    You guys think that I ought to to the MFD "repair" cutting it open and rebuilding / cleaning it, or should I look somewhere else first?

    Oh, forgot to mention, it runs fine, no obvious current issues there.

    You guys have helped me out a lot over the last few years. There is ton of info on here, and you guys are clearly the best forum on the net for this stuff. Thanks for that! And thanks in advance for any replies or ideas.

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    What about swapping MFDs between your skis to see if the problem stays with the MFD or stays with the machine?

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    Excellent idea, easy, and better yet, an excuse to go to the lake tomorrow.

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    Eyeball the wiring for the MFD, all the way from the display back into the electrical box, and even inside the box.

    Look for any signs of worn insulation, wires rubbing, etc.

    Not all MFD problems are with the display itself.

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    Fixed, I think.

    I ended up doing the MFD repair as brilliantly outlined at

    I had faded digits anyway, so I figured it needed to be done. I cut at the green arrow in the photos of the above link. Even though the distance is a bit further to the connector strips to the buttons when you cut there, I still inadvertently got pretty close and almost cut the strip going to the "mode" button. If someone reading this is thinking about doing the repair, it really helps to have a bright light so that you can see the depth of the cut, and see when you have cut through the black plastic part fully. Light will transmit through the clear display portion and you can see when you are through.

    Took her out for a few hours and the fuse did not blow. Digits are like new!

    As I said before, the thing would only blow intermittently, so not sure if it's a permanent fix, but hell, it looks much better! I did look over all the wiring while I had the wiring box apart and the handlebar pad off (it's much less of a PITA to get the MFD out with the pad off IMHO), and found no worn insulation or anything that I could see anywhere. A good portion of the harness is shrinkwrapped of course from the terminal board to the MFD, so there might be things under that which might be causing a problem, but no obvious worn areas or shorts.

    Thanks for the help and advice, you guys are great as usual.

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