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Thread: Overmilled??

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    I have a 95 slt750. Engine lost oil and died. I have rebuilt it using sbt engine supply parts. New crank with rods & bearings installed. New jugs & pistons .05m overbore. New seals & gaskets. Everything was going smoothly until the heads were installed. I hand rotate the engine after every step..No problems until the heads were installed. Now the engine has a click that can be heard and felt in the crank when each piston gets to the top of the cylinder. It feels like a needle bearing with lots of pressure so you can actually feel it roll. Is this normal should I continue or contact SBT?? Thanx for any help..

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    Not normal. You should have at least 50 thousandths clearance between the piston and head.

    It can actually be checked with some solder.

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    yes check the "squish" with a length of 060 solder, insert down the plug hole and roll the motor through TDC and check how much was compressed with a dial caliper,,

    you can do the same with modeling clay but you have to remove the head to put the clay on the piston,

    you do have the pistons in facing the correct way? backwards will snag the ports with the end gaps of the rings.

    post back what you find

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERTOY View Post
    I have a 95 slt750.

    Engine lost oil and died...

    May I ask, what caused the oil failure?

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