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    650 project what should i do!!!!

    i have a 1989 650sx all stock except for ride plate and intake grate. what should i do to it to make it rip! i dont want to bore the cylinders i have 125 psi in both right now should i have more maybe new head not sure what do you guys think should be done cause i want to do it right and keep its reliability and keep it going on the water. will get pictures of the ski up soon going to bring it home from the marina tomorrow

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    one little tip. the stator is the week point. Rm Stator can rebuild it for 150 bucks instead of about 300 for an oem one if you can find it. oh yeah, remember an engine is basically an air pump that uses fuel to produce motion. the more air/fuel =more power. check out group k's website they have good tips on reliable horsepower.
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    +1 on RM Stator, they do excellent work if that's what need to have done. Don't send it out just to have it done, let it fail first. I did a pile of mods to my ski and the only weak point so far has been the carb. Not that carb is insufficient, but I know it had water in it once before and I think it froze in there doing something to mess it up. The stator on my ski has never been touched and it's a 92. Check out my sig. you'll find a bunch of little things you can do that won't hurt the reliability of the ski.

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    I have a 650 that needs work on the coil. How does the 650 ride?? I have a 750 SXI Pro and its mad tipsy!

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