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    EMM water nipple corrosion


    Has anybody else pulled off you water cooling lines that go to the EMM?
    I pulled the water lines off and the nipple connector was corroded bad!!!!
    this is a fresh water 04 msx 140, 50 hrs. It looks like some sort of electrolysis between the nipple and the EMM case. The EMM appears to be made of magnesium but can't tell on the nipple. Any ideas ?


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    What does the corrosion clean up with?

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    Maybe install a sacrificial anode so it doesn't use the nipple??
    Change the nipple to stainless, copper or brass?? I think the most common material at hardware stores is brass.
    I just checked one and without pulling it apart the nipple appears to be pressed into the casing?
    It seems to be aluminum or plastic as it's non metallic (at least my magnet wouldn't stick to it).

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