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Thread: RXT-X Sponsons?

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    RXT-X Sponsons?

    Need to get this ski to turn..... I've been using the Stock and the Riva ones with not much luck. We race this ski in the supercourse circuit. I have heard of some people dropping the stock sponsons, but I just don't want to drill holes in the ski yet. Will probably drop the stock ones once my tunnel cracks through and we do the repair on that. Does anyone know of another brand that work or has anyone lowered some like the Riva ones?

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    I'll double check the pricing, but I'm sure its

    $AU465+shipping with Australia post express for the standard blade

    $AU565+shipping as above for the lightweight blades ( not much differance in weight just pattern on the blade)...they cost more cause they are longer to CNC machine and anodize....they come with backing the moment the are only to fit RXP,RXT,RXP-X,RXT-X, yammie SHO and I guess what ever has the same sponson fitment but the above skis is all they've been put on...

    Standard Red blade with backing plate..

    This is a few pics of the standard blades on certain skis

    These are the lightweight ones before being anodized...The silver color is usually a bit dull..

    these are the Lightweight on my ski in silver

    this is my ski running the sponsons...

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