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    Towing fast?

    I searched but couldn't find a speed associated with an emergency tow. I bailed while jumping a huge wave from Hurricane Bill and when I tried to restart the battery was dead. I got a tow back to the ramp, but there was a point where we had to speed up to about 10mph to escape some of the waves. This speed was brief, maybe a minute or two. The rest of the trip back was just above idle speed. At what speed will you get water ingestion? I replaced the battery when I got home, took the pugs out and turned it over a couple times to check for water. None. I replaced the plugs and run it on the hose for about ten minutes. I then checked the plugs and they looked fine and were not milky looking. I'm just concerned that I could have got some water in the crankcase.

    What speed so you have to reach before water makes its way inside the cylinders? it's an '02 GP1200R.


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    Just my opinion but if I thought I got water in the engine I would take it out right away and run it wide open throttle for a bit to clear it out.Dont let it set very long.I dont think you would get a lot of water towing it but if you sucked it up when you layed it down.Just my thoughts but take it back out and run the heck out of it.

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    You're fine. I've been towed at >10mph before and nothing happened.

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