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    4 Tec Rebuild Dilemma

    Hi All-

    I have a 2003 GTX SC which has recently broken a rod. I know this as I took it to the Dealer, they checked compression and #2 was dead. He was able to push the cylinder down with a screwdriver.

    Problem is that the ski is only worth about 5k and he said it could be 2k - 4k to fix the engine - won't know till he tears it down (then I am committed). This is not a workable deal to me.

    I am toying with parting it out and buying a newer ski but it has a twin and I liked having 2 of the same. Also, I have recently had the SC rebuilt and replaced the plastic pump with an aluminum one.

    I can't even think about trying to build it myself. I replaced the SC (thanks to this forum's information and Jerry's help ;o) and the pump myself but working on the inside of an engine is out of my league.

    Is there a truly reliable source to rebuild the engine (I have not heard good things about SBT) that carries a rock solid warranty? Jerry do you do this??

    Also, if I find a reasonable rebuilt source, should a novice attempt to swap enginges?

    Your advice and thoughts are appreciated

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    ttt - little help, please

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    I would get it back, tear it down, take tons of pictures, then post. You will have a lot of people then be able to give indications of what happened and what needs to be done. From that you can determine what it will cost to fix. No 4-stroke is cheep to repair.
    Depending on the findings, you may be best off to part out and buy new with a warranty.

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    Lots of folks out here looking for parts from an older ski... including me. If you do decide to part it out your 03 SC, I'm looking for a good used guage cluster, all the wiring harnesses, MPEM, etc. Send me a PM, if you go that way.

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    They can tear that engine down and only charge you for the time. I have done 2 this year. When they hear How much they dont want it done. Rebuilding it your self you can get used parts and do it for a lot less.

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    Will do, MTD.

    I'll do one better - I'll trade you my electronics for your engine .


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    This is a chance to upgrade to new forged pistons and 215 SC and Drive gear and all kinds of unobtainium widgets to make it rock...LOL Get with it

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    I would by a used SCIC engine and install it your self. Its not hard a novice can do it w/ some help from here

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    Thanks guys for your comments-

    So, just to clarify, is it possible to put a 215hp SCIC in my 2003 185hp GTX SC? Will the electronics hook up correctly and what about the difference btwn the 2003 open loop and the newer closed loop cooling systems?

    Any other issues you'd anticipate in trying to put a newer engine in this older ski?

    Anyone got any good leads on a good (and affordable) used 215 hp SCIC?


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    If it's OEM, all the '02-'09 engines have closed loop (antifreeze circulating) cooling systems... Ron

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