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    My dad fell off a ski today - lol

    So, we were racing in an inland lake, he was on an RX, and I was on an 06 GTX NA, we wanted to see what was faster (we were borrowing the RX for the weekend). My dad hit some choppy stuff from a boat, apparently he failed to see it, and lost was only at about 55 or so, so he didnt get hurt, hes just complaining about being sore lol, considering it was the first time ive seen someone fall of a ski, I laughed (after I knew he was ok) That is my story from today...

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    Making fun of your father Rampage?
    better watch out he might kick your azz...

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    who was winning ??lol

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    lol, I loved watching my dad fall off on the gtx at 61 or soo going around a hard corner and just watched him skip, and skip, and skip then sink lol. It was pretty funny.

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    2,932 not making fun of him, he was uhhh sorely laughing, if you know what I mean. We were about even, we only had maybe 10 seconds of time before the slow no wake and him falling off, if it had continued to be flat water im sure the RX would have taken the GTX easily.

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