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    which one supercharger impeller is better and more top speed ?

    i wish to modify my ski with external intercooler , 50# injectors and the supercharger impeller . but at the market now got so many product on supercharger impeller . like
    2rude Performance Supercharger

    3Rude Supercharger

    RIVA Gen II Supercharger Impeller RIVA Pro-Series SD Supercharger Upgrade

    Riva X-Charger Pro-Series Impeller & Housing

    R&D Monster Charger Wheel

    anybody can tell me which one is better and can get more top speed and power ?

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    got riva s3 charger wheel with riva pro intercooler, 15/20r blade, #42s . air fuel ratio is spot-on and feels like stock. 75-76 mph anyday

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    For max top speed, you simply need max power. For max power, it's the 3rude. However, you need to re-think your fueling and prop if you use it.

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    thanks ! if i use the 3rude what part i need to change it ? how about the 2rude ? and RRFPR is for what ?

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    There's a guy that just posted that he's running the 3rude with the stock ECU. Read up on his combo and copy it if you want.

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