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    Quality of dealer work

    I have 2 07 Ultra 250's. They both ended up with Gas in the Oil. After a long back and forth with the dealer ( i have the extended warranty on both of them) they finally agreeed to "check them out". They both had a substantial loss on a leak down test and they did find "gas in the oil". So they replaced the rings on both of them.
    Here is what I am asking.
    is it acceptable that the lip of my skis are all scratched up from pull the engines? Also I am very "odd" about the condition of my boats. They were spotless and while there were a couple of "scratches" on the boats ( less than 4 or 5 on each one) When I picked them up from the dealer there are all kinds of them. One of them it looks like they rolled the boat up on it's side and the rub rail is all scuffed up. I am very careful and never allow that to happen when the boats are in the water and now they look like someone did not take care of them.
    Next when I looked over the "parts" that were listed on the repair order there is not freaking Oil Filters on them.. Do you think they were so lame as to not replace the oil filters???
    Should my oil still smell like gasoline?? I have not ridden them I just picked them up on Saturday.
    There was all kinds of water in the bilge of the boats. I have NEVER had water in the bilge.
    Am I over-reacting or is this kind of service quality below acceptable??


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    Sorry about the bad service and scratches. I would be pissed off and very upset. Demand that they be fixed and that the issues on all counts be resolved. I would definitely find a new dealership and call Kawasaki corporate and file a complaint and tell them how unsatisfied you are. Good luck!

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    well that was how I was feeling but also wanted to be sure that I was not being unreasonable.
    on one of the skis they tried to use a paint brush to cover up some of the scratches only to make it worse because the color is not even right. He gave me some story about it being impossible ... but my position is that if Kawasaki was able to get the engine in and not tear everything up when they built it that they should have been able to. It does concern me as well about no oil filters being on the parts lists. Do you think they would actually go through all of the work and then leave the old oil filters in place????

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    any damage done by someone else is not acceptable and it should be painted proffesionally. Would you accept your car back from the dealer if they returned it with scratches?? I sure would not. As for the oil filters, yes I believe it because the extended warranty only covers certain things and oil filters are not one even when they are affected by a problem, which makes no sense.

    I got water in my oil from a faulty o ring and they are replacing supercharger and inter cooler etc at a cost of over $5,000 to the warranty company but the warranty company wont pay for an oil filter or oil or plugs, even though they were affected by a covered part. Makes no sense but oh well. I guess they want the dealer to leave the milky oil and filter in so the super charger can get wasted again

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    I would be TOTALLY PISSED.
    You paid hard working money for what you have.You take care of it like it was a baby.
    Only to have some guy not give 1/2 a shit about you or your machines,That sucks.

    I would be in there showroom raising hell until it was back to original at there cost.

    Don't take no for an answer,and call them every day until it is resolved.
    Let'em know you mean business.

    Good luck and keep us posted

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    Re. placement of the engine during manufacturing I believe the engine is installed when the "top half" of the ski is not on.
    It does look like somewhat of a shoehorn job to get the engine thru the seat opening

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    I work at a major dealership and that would not fly where I work. The scuffs on the rub rails are from them not being csrefull with the hoist. As for the scraches on the lip they should have had that all taped off. It is all just from a lazy mechanic. They dont care about the units they just want to get them done and get paid. I would take it back and bitch till they fixed at least some of the damage.

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    I agree, when I was working at a shop we were so careful with everything, and would even take pics of scratches that were already there so we wouldnt get blamed. Used padding where you can and tape everywhere else, and used alot of hands on motors and such. Just tell them it is sloppy and hurts your resale value...

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