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    2001 STX DI battery icon flashes

    Battery dash icon flashes. Thought the problem was resolved after I performed and replaced the below. But after an hour of operation, Battery dash icon started flashing again. Jet Ski performs normally, with the exception of the battery warning.

    Other conditions:
    81 degrees F, OAT
    Engine hours = 172

    Tests performed with KaDiag Software:
    Battery voltage, engine not running= 11.60V
    Battery voltage, engine running= 45V
    No stored trouble codes
    No running trouble codes

    Parts recently replaced:
    EMM (computer)
    Battery (replaced twice)
    Jet pump rebuilt
    Spark plugs
    Top-end rebuilt

    Other repairs/observations:
    Cleaned battery cables
    Cleaned solenoid cables
    Checked all electrical connectors for bent pins
    Blew out pisser hose with compresses air, no obstructions noted.
    Visual inspection of wiring harness.
    Fuses inspected.
    Water volume exiting pisser appears to less than my identical Kawasaki of the same model, however I seem to recall that is was always less, even when new.
    Compression = good
    Fuel pump volume = good

    Any suggestions, please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlies View Post

    Battery voltage, engine running= 45V
    You are measuring 45 volts on your battery with engine running ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreenman View Post
    You are measuring 45 volts on your battery with engine running ???
    Yes, 45V according to the computer with the engine running, but no charging when measured with a voltmeter on the battery, which prompted me to R&R a connection point (junction) cap on the wiring harness. Walla! I'm charging now! Must have been a poor connection. Water here we come!

    Thanks for your suggestion!

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