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    95 sl 750 upgrades?

    I am new to this stuff. Just found a really nice sl 750 and am looking to do some upgrades. I ride in alot of choppy water and it seems like all it wants to do is bounce. I read a little about ride plates and grate changes. what do guys think would help me out? Product brands? web sights? Thanks aot!

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    The best stuff for a SL in choppy water seems to be a R&D intake grate, an extended ride plate like the Ocean Pro "O" (preferred for rough water) or the "R" ride plate. R is for race, but will work well too.

    Factory sponsons also help reduce the porpoising. I like the SLT sponsons, since they're a bit shorter and less aggressive. Seems to give good top speed and allow you to still do "donuts".

    Honestly, I wouldn't get a R&D intake at retail price. They are around, and can be had for much less. The Ocean Pro "R" plate can be had for $90 new, you may be able to find one for a bit cheaper used.

    The factory sponsons can be had from John Zigler. I think he was asking $35 a set. You'll need to get the rivetnuts to install them though. Mcmaster Carr has them for around $13.

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    thanks for the info!

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