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    looking at a 96 SPX

    Just came across what could be a good deal. 96 SPX with 150 hours. runs well at low rpms and partial throttle but bogs at WOT. I am guessing fuel lines are the culprit. I have never been able to ride one of these hulls. what kind of ride is it compared to my 95 XP. I see that they both have the 717 engine. ALso what should cylinder psi be on this engine. I am taking my compression gauge with me. Any info would be helpful. thanks!

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    Exactly the same as what you have, on ride. You can make it handle great with some mods, grate & sponsons.

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    anyone on what cylinder pressures should be on a stock ski?

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    Only difference would be if the 95XP is the 720. Slightly more power with the 787. Handling will be identical.

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    thanks for the info. you ever meet someone who thinks that their old worn out crap is worth way more than what it really is?!?! The guy wanted a grand for the ski, trailer and a single lift. Not a bad deal, right? Get there and the ski is in bad shape. Never been cleaned in its life. Couldn't even tell if it had the gray fuel lines on it because it was so dirty. The aluminum arm on the lift has a broken weld on it and he fixed it with sandwiching it in with two pieces of 2x4 and wrapping it with a few hose clamps!!!! The trailer was the only thing in good shape. Went to put the ski in the water and it would hardly run. Not a big deal because I am looking for a cheap ski that needs work but the guy told me that it would get up on plane and run 25!!!! I offered him 600 for it but haven't heard back. People have some nerve...

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    600? i would have made him pay me to take it

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