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    Wire schematic / diagram for 99 GP1200

    I recently bought a 99 GP1200 and there is a wire that has been cut and is messing with the instrument cluster. Near the plug connector that you unplug to reset the starting code (could possibly even be that exact plug) there is a red wire that has been cut and someone installed a fuse link in there. The guy I bought it from said that a shop did it because his battery kept dying. I don't beleive it, but I'm trying to diagnose why he would have put a fuse link in there that controlls the power to the instrument cluster. If the fuse is in, then the controls work. If it's out, then they don't have any power...

    Would anyone know where I can get a wire schematic for this without paying for a repair manual? OR has anyone has any problems with the cluster having a draw that would drain the battery?

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    The fuze would not keep the battery from dying, however reverse current could cause the instrument panel to do crazy stuff, like to the point of it not working, so sounds like he did something wrong and put a fuze in their not to mess the panel up sounds like a ye ha mechanic was playing with it. If you get a repair manual or a full wiring diagram please send it my way.

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