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    Supercharger Squeak?

    Hi Everyone,

    Went to start my ski today to get the excess water out from yesterday's ride and noticed a squeak coming from the belt/pulley area on my '08 250x. The machine runs as strong as the day I purchased it, and i'm meticulous about maintaining it.

    The ski has about 40 hours/completely stock. I rinse the engine compartment after every ride, leave the seat off until the whole area is completely dry, and finally hit the whole engine with CRC-656. I'm careful NOT to get this on the belt/pulley area but maybe a little bit did? I'm not sure...

    The squeak isn't super loud, but it's a new sound, and I want to correct this small issue before it possibly becomes something larger.


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    Can you take a sound video of the "sqeuak" as mine developed one and about 15 hours later the shaft on the pulley side snapped..........

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    Its a very subtle squeak that sounds similar to the fanbelt squeak on an old car. I'll try to take a video but i don't know how well you will be able to hear the noise over the engine. It squeaks mainly at idle.

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    the squeak was a loose belt. Purchased the tool and tightened the tension to specification. Runs like a champ!

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