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    RXTX annoying T.O.P.S.

    was riding a friends RXTX this weekend, seemed like there was bad lag when you gunned it at almost any rpm, 4000 rpm, would lag then run hard to 5000, lag then run hard to 7000, lag then run hard to 8050...
    like every time the thrust kicked in hard it threw TOPS sensor.
    would anyhting else cause such a weird lag type of problem?
    is there a way to disable TOPS??
    it wasnt every time, and if you were on smooth water and brought it up slowly it wouldnt do it.
    but thats the fun of the RXTX, rip your arms off acceleration, and it seems TOPS is ruining the fun!!!!

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    Sounds like the sensor is bad or has a loose connection. Never seen one even count in Buds unless the owner was flipping the Ski. You know run fast and turn till you get ripped off.Then the boat flips upside down. Seams to pass for fun in some circles.

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    nope, never been flipped. and not ridden that hard, its a family ski , almost always has at least 2 people on it and cruzin, but does see boat chop and waves on occasion, but rarely jumped, the hulls just too big to be a fun jumper.
    seems like sensor is overly sensitive. cruzin thru an inlet and goin across some choppy waters easily maintaining 4500 rpm with 2 people on board doesnt qualify to me as hard riding, it just wont take off if its even a little bouncy.
    i ride my GTX SC and my XPDI all the time and never felt this before. the RXTX wont go for a few secnds when you give it gas to go from 5000 rpm to 6000 lets say or more.
    at first i though it was unhooking, cuz i was in light chop and i am familair with what cavitation is and feels like, but after riding a few more minutes i could tell i wasnt unhooking, it just wasnt that choppy, mild at best...
    and then i tuned in on the engine, listening for SC whine or overrevving from cavitation, everything was ok, it just wasnt revving up for a few seconds. if it were cavitating it would overrev then hookup and revs would drop back down. none of that.
    just pull the throttle and no response then a sudden acceleration, then another pause, then another acceleration.
    of course at 8000 rpm its hard not to be a little bouncy, so the rpms would hesitate drop a bit then take off hard again.
    is that how others have experienced TOPS???
    i always thought of it as kicking it at low rpms, like after an extreme wave jump, getting too vertical, and then ski wont go over lets say 2500 rpm for a few seconds, but this is kicking in at all sorts of rpms from 4000 to 8000.
    it doesnt drop back down to idle rpms though, 2500, it holds at high rpm, 4000, 5000 6000, just hesitates before responding to throttle input.
    probably will go to dealer for a new TOPS sensor, warranty is good for a few more years, and this isnt normal i dont think.
    on his other RXT and on my GTX SC we have never felt TOPS kick in even once, and the skis are often out riding simultaneously in same conditions.

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    coil packs.....take them off clean them up chuck them back in...see how that goes...Sounds very simular to an issue i had...without the TOPS thingy..the problem ended up being that the rubber boots holding the packs into the motor had shrunk and cause the pack to be loose and also let in water....Maybe replace sparkys as well...also on of my packs was not 100% so got it replaced..everything has run sweet since and it was a problem I had on and off for a few months...basically I was running on two cylinders and it came about first off when I give it a boot full...building up RPM sometimes it came good sometimes not....If you can pull the coils out f another ski to try this would be easier to diog.

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    I don't think that is TOPS, as I fell victim to the TOPS sensor this weekend in heavy surf. Was turning and a wave broke under me, put me at an angle the TOPS sensor didn't like and it killed the motor leaving me riding the wave backward on an 900# surf board. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in but my impression was TOPS killed the motor to protect it, not retard the RPMs.

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