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    genesis FFI 99 and Virage TXi 02 engines

    What is the difference between these two engines? not looking into TPS mounting and injectors mounting. Will engine from genesis fit to virage? where could I find virage TXi 2002 service manual? that site which K447 was giving all the time is not available any more. Thanks

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    Below the cylinder heads, the 1999-2002 three cylinder engines are the same. Both are 1165cc domestic engines.

    The 1999 Genesis Ficht cylinder heads were a little different (PTO, at least). The 2002 exhaust manifold was revised for better engine reliability under certain RPM conditions.

    The EMM and fuel injectors are different. After 1999 the EMM was changed to accommodate injector flow mapping. A 2002 EMM with matching injectors can be mounted on a 1999 engine, especially if the 2002 heads are also used.

    As far as I know, the 2002 throttle body and pigtail TPS can be used on the 1999 engine.

    You can check the parts cross reference using this;
    Polaris Industries Parts cross-reference and diagrams

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    I see somebody has been doing their home work.

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