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    Exclamation Flesh Eating Bacteria Warning and Reminder

    Local Fatality here in the Houston area

    Topic Overview (Necrotizing Fasciitis)

    1. If you have open cuts, scrapes, sores (broken skin) don't get in the water.
    2. Try to avoid actions that might produce an open cut. This could be as simple as wearing gloves when handling a fish that might stick you with their scale, fins, teeth or gills.
    3. If you do get cut, wash it immediately with water and treat with peroxide, alcohol or antiseptic. It may not be "medically approved" but Clorox (bleach) seems to be what many of the fishermen are using for routine cuts and gouges. In fact they are even using Clorox to clean up there boats and equipment (knives, pliers cleaning boards, ice chests, etc).
    4. Stepped-up hygiene may help, just in case you have small cut that goes unnoticed. Use bottled water or waterless soap to keep hands, arms and legs clean while on the water and hose off at the dock and take a shower as soon as you get home.
    5. Don't DELAY getting to the doctor / hospital if you have unexplained fever, swelling or redness at a wound site following a day in / on the water.
    6. Just be aware, use common sense as applicable to your specif activity and surroundings, those "bugs" are out there.

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    WOW, that is a shame.
    I think that's pretty rare, that poor guy had an immune system problem; but yeah you have to be careful for sure, thanks for posting. I feel sorry for his family.

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    I saw that stuff on House once, pretty brutal.

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