Parade of Nations Roll Call! Add Your Name to the List

I want to start off this because of my respect for 'the flag', respectively of any nation attending the IJSBA World Finals.

Representing the officiating and safety support at this event, I along with my staff at K38 Water Safety have the privilege of working on behalf of the racers and their respective teams in attendance.

We watch the Number Country Codes lap after lap. For us its up front and center, truly an international event, race after race.

I'm going to put our K38 Brethren down on the list and ask that you follow us to the Parade of Nations Ceremony.

We will be bringing our respective flags and will show honor and respect for those who come from all over the world, not an easy task.

K38 salutes you and your nations efforts for striving to become the next IJSBA World Champion!


1. K38 USA-Shawn Alladio
2. K38 Poland-Mirek Kukula
3. K38 Italy-Fabio Annigoni
4. K38 UK-Ben Granata
5. K38 Guam-John San Nicolas
6. K38 Portugal-Mario Pinto
7. Hawaii-Darrick Doerner
8. USA-Bryant Lambert

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