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    Beach/surf anchor, Ultra 250x

    I'm looking for the right anchor (for our pig of a jetski) for out in the shallow surf conditions of south texas beaches (corpus christi). Whenever I head out to the beach I do not want to "beach" the ski on shore, because of the constant rocking that would wear out the gelcoat and mainly because if the tide retreats then ill be stuck.

    What would be a good setup for like 2 feet of water, with some current and waves that would allow me to go to shore and still come back to my ski later?


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    I use an 18lb river anchor in the Great Lakes on a 15f, should work for you too.

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    fold up 4 prong small boat alloy anchor works best.

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    one of those rubber/plastic bags that are waterproof about 10 gallon size. the weight is nothing when u get there u just fill it with sand and tie a string through the loop.. no metal mashing up the front of your ski and no weight when your ready to race

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    If its shallow enough , use a dog anchor screw...........with about 15- 20 feet of bungee cord........

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    Try a sand anchor. I used on on my 04' Kaw. 1200 and it worked pretty good. All you have is a bag (that you fill with sand) and line. The down side is that it does not dig in like a reg anchor does. Or if you are going straight to the beach and unloading gear you could try a "stick it anchor". A 4' would work fine for you needs. The down side is that you now have to strap a 4' pole some place. I guess you could always say "here honey, hold this" LOL

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