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    Air Intake/Carbs on 1993 SL750

    The time has come to finally do the airbox update and rebuild the carbs on my 1993 SL750. Before I jump in with both feet, I wanted to seek some advice - Since the update is a far less restrictive intake, I am fearful of running lean and all the ills that come with it.

    1) The update kit moves the oil injection check valves to new spacers below the carbs - good idea or use the original check valve location ?
    2) I know the high speed jets need to be changed but the kit specs a 90 for the sl750, and a 105 for the sl650. Would it be smart to use the 105's to insure it doesn't run lean ?
    3) The original needle/seat is a 1.5 for the '93 and the subsequent years used 2.0 Again, to insure it doesn't run lean, should I increase the size to 2.0 ?
    Many thanks for all the valuable advice on this website.

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    Welcome to the Hulk Poozit.

    1. Use the stock location. Cap off the new fittings.

    NOTE: Now would be a good time to replace the fuel and oil hoses while you're at it

    2. If it specs a 90 for the 750, use that. A 90 is 5 sizes larger than stock anyway.

    3. I don't think the original needles and seats were a 1.5. Pretty sure all were 2.0. So use a 2.0 for sure.

    Make sure the autocock has been removed from your ski.

    Also a good time to upgrade to a triple outlet fuel pump.

    Be sure too inspect the petcock for any obstructions as well.

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    Low restriction flame arrestor

    Thanks for the info. One more dumb question - When updating to the newer low restriction flame arrestor the "book" says the pop off pressure is 10 to 18 psi, but that assumes the old highly restrictive intake. With the updated flame arrestor, the manifold vacuum will be lower due to the higher airflow allowed. Do I use the same pop off pressure, or drop it lower to account for the higher flow rate ? Or is this all trial and error to find the right combination ?
    Thanks again for all the great info

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    Concidering my sl780 had 20-24 psi pop off with the same flame arrestor, and ran fine, I don't see you needing to change the pop off for your 750. You should be ok.

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