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    Free Flow Air Intake

    I am putting on a home made free flow air intake, currently there is a breather hose tapped in to the pipe, do I really need that with the free flow air intake???Or can i cap it off??

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    Yes, you'll need it unless your going to put a small filter on the oil breather box then you can put a cap on it.

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    The breather hose connection purges the crankcase fumes and gasses out of the motor. You really should keep this as part of the modified intake.

    Having it tied into the intake acts like a straw to pull the gasses out.
    Not just vent them into the hull.

    Look at the Riva designs for ideas...


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    I ran mine into a Groco strainer purchased from the online store.

    Installed it because I saw an oily film on the SC wheel when I did the intake upgrade. Now it collects in the strainer. I have a little moisture in the strainer too from the hot gasses condensing when they cool.

    I really don't know if it actually matters either way.

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