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Thread: 650 SX Parts

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    650 SX Parts

    All parts avaible need to get rid of.

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    cheatin' piston popper addicted's Avatar
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    north jersey
    whatcha got? any pipes or heads? scoop grate?

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    my ski has thrust vectoring......does yours??? killcraft's Avatar
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    i need a steering cable do you have one in good condition. also need 4 good motor mounts. oh and if you have a running engine give me a price on that

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    I have the cable and the motor mounts. I have only motor parts left. I will $55 shipped for the mounts and the cable

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    I got an entire 650 sx 1989 in great shape. The only issue is the coil. Weak spark.... Don't know whether to fix it or sell as is?!?!?!?

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    I dont have the coil I sold it last week. Sorry

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    DPeteLand PeteSkeet's Avatar
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    aftermarket headpipe and or prop ? or quick turn plate

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