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    FX140 repair question - need advice

    I have an í07 Yamaha FX140. The pump bearing went out , fell apart and the driveshaft has some minimal grooves on it. The impeller is usable, but has some slight flares on a couple of blades. The shop says itís my call on replacing the drive shaft and impeller. Those two parts alone are over $700. The shop manager says he can put it back together either way and it will run. His concern on the shaft is the seal may not be 100% because of the grooves and wear, and may allow water to seep into the pump. He says he can clean up the impeller and use it.

    My question (without anyone seeing the driveshaft or impeller) if I use the old shaft do you think I will have issues? I put about 35-40 hours per year on this ski. Iím looking at a repair bill from $1850 max down to around $1100 if I leave the old shaft and impeller.
    Iíll probably keep this ski one more season and get rid of it.

    Anyone Ė Please share your thoughts and thanks in advance.

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    you can pick up a good used prop shaft for around $100. hell, i may have one. the bearings and seals are around $75 if I remember correctly. check the online store here, or island racing.

    a good tech should be able to swap everything in an hour or less.

    or you can send it all to me,a long with 800 and i'll send you a new pump fully assembled seriously, they are trying to rape you.

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