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    Thumbs down 700 and 1050 Jug Part Numbers - What's the difference?

    I'm trying to source a set of jugs to convert my 900 to a 1050. I already had a good set of 1mm over pistons and a whole pile of core jugs. Looking up the numbers, I'm more confused.

    I have at least three of each of the following:
    5131081 '98 1050 and '96-'97 700
    3021009 '96-'97 1050 and Hurricane
    5131019 '98-'99 1050 and '00-'04 700

    I understand from other threads that the 009 are a little more rare and harder to come by. They also appear to have an extra (exhaust?) round port hole. The intake is also about 1mm higher inside the cylinder compared to the other two.

    All three have slightly different exhaust port heights as well.

    So what's the deal? Are any really better than the others? Like maybe the later ones were tweaked to fix small problems or something?

    What would happen if you mixed and matched them?

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    The 3021009 should have an extra hole in the intale "boost " port,it will align with a hole on the original piston skirt.I was told this allowed a little fuel to hit the piston bottom for added cooling.(fuel concerns ?) The 009 cyl's are said to have the best performance (highest RPM'S ? ) The 009 was replaced by the 3021018-which did not have the hole in boost port. I don't know if there are any performance differences.

    I assume you ment to write 3021019,which replaces the 5131081. Both are refered to as "Konig". Not sure of there differences,if the ports are diff,than don't mix them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgaidan View Post
    What would happen if you mixed and matched them?
    Probably run like sh!t and never get it tuned in.

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