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    newbie with 97 sltx and bad MFD

    hi all
    recently bought a 97 sltx was in good condition minus a bad fuel sender and faded mfd. read post about reviving the display and proceeded to fix the fading but kill mode button.
    heres where i need help friend toke ski for ride and in process almost flipped it(lucky for us both it did not flip or submerge) but after a short while he brought it back riding funny. i put it up for the day.few days later when i toke it back out i noticed the hose on the rear of waterbox was loose and releasing fumes into hull. the mfd also read "hot". i surmissed the problem with it riding funny was it was in limp mode.i followed instructions for disconnecting tan lead at cdi box and also checked the sensor with ohm meter to see if sensor was stuck and all was well.
    what i need help with is to know if my thought process is correct so here it goes.the ski overheated possibly becuz of loose hose. my mfd showed hot. becuz my mfds mode button is not working i have no way to reset the display (or in other words recalibrate the display to clean out the hot code).the ski now will only work with mfd disconnected.if i connect mfd it goes into limp mode.even though ski rides fine and running without mfd rides in full revs and doing hand check on cylinders doesnot appear to be overheating.
    thanks for any help yall this site and its members are the best

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    You might want to post my PM reply, as it had some relevant information

    A leaky exhaust hose would NOT cause an engine overheat condition.

    The MFD does not need to be 'reset'. As soon as the problem cause goes away, a properly working MFD will stop displaying the red lamp and warning.

    Make sure the exhaust manifold is not getting too hot.

    Are you seeing a low fuel or low oil level on the MFD?

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    May be it's becuz my mfd is not working properly but it shows hot imediately I unplug display plug back in without even starting the ski completely cold and it shows hot. I've checked to make sure heat sensor is not stuck and it's good I've since talked with several other people who all have had a problem with the mfd causing limp mode. If you say the loose hose would not cause anoverheat I believe this to be true. I'm still going to check out what might have caused this initially but my belief is once the orginal overheat the display itself is now causing the limp mode not the sensor since with display disconnected ski runs in full rev mode and sensor is not tripping and putting it back in limp mode by itself
    but what the do I know that's why I'm here to gain knowledge for all you great hulk members
    again thanks to all

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    The 97 SLTX shows Limp mode only for overheat condition. With the 1050 engine,you could check for a ground signal at the MFD connecter (from the temp sensor) If there is no ground signal at the connecter,I would have to say something went wrong in the MFD

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