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    rotax 717 1997 speedster engine locked up

    Ok last time out this engine cut off after running about 2000 rpms for about 40 to 45min. It cut off and would not crank back up. Got back to the hill on the other engine (twin engines). When I got back to the dock still tried it never cranked but turned over strong. Then like 4-5 days later I pulled the plugs out of that engine replaced with new plugs. Then went to crank it but the engine would never turn over for me. There was a guy on craigslist that gave free estimates on repairs. He came out to me said man that motor is froze up tight. Checked the compression on my other motor he said nice this is a strong engine here. Said I can take it to my shop pull the head take a look it may just need a pistion. He said if up there looks ok it prob the crankshaft then you prob be better getting new motor a crank is 600.00. I said well not looking to sink alot into it. he said new engine run ya 1500-2000 cause when you get it its not ready to just slap in and go. I said well I prob sell it get what I can before putting that kind money in it. He calls few days later hate to tell ya this but when the motor locked up it got water inside of it the inside has rusted in there its shot "what would you like to do" another engine gonna run ya 1500-2000 I might can find someone who pic it up but prob not with the engine gone. One guy was like just cause the engine rusted inside dont mean its shot. Does that mean its shot guys????? The guy was like I think the guy trying to shaft you. Could it have just got to hot blew a head gasket or something and some water might have got in. Im get it back from him maybe get a second opinion from a friends boat mechanic. What you guys think your opinion. I know its hard being you havent saw inside the top of engine. Before it quit running I went through some low water water was muddy behind the boat when I tried to speed up thats why the only 2000 rpms for 45 min just tying to get back.

    Thanks I appreciate any replies

    only had boat year in a half only been out 5 times in it hate to know its done.

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    get a second opinion ,they have motors on many sites ,maybe jerry might have a deal on one ,but there not 1500 -2000 just for the motor even with labor thats a little high. there are alot of guys out there hurting from the economy search before you just folk over the money.goodluck

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    I was thinking the same. The guy was like these are the same motors out of the jet shi but let me tell you before thinking ok I just pick up a motor out of a ski. He said it wont bolt right in and be ready. You have to take stuff off your old motor and modify it a bit to be able to bolt it in and work So if you pick a motor like 500.00 he said you gonna have another 600.00 to 800.00 in labor for it will work...

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