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    Top End Rebuild 785

    Hey Guys,
    I am rebuilding a 785 Rave motor including OEM pistons, rings, wrist pins, and bearings. The shop manual shows to use several special tools for this job. I have never had to use a tool to pull a wrist pin or to install one. This Rotax is different from the other motors that I have built though. I also noticed that the cylinders will turn on the cases with no locating pins. Is the procedure to mount the exhaust manifold to the lose cylinders to align them and then tighten the cylinder bolts?

    If anyone has some hints on the best way to put the top end back together and what tools may be needed, I would appreciate it.

    This forum has been very helpful in the past, thanks for the help.

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    Check my reply to your inquire already posted on

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    I have not posted anything on, but I will check it out if applicable.

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    I would use cage bearings instead of the origional SeaDoo bearings on the wrist pins. You can make a pin puller with a piece of threaded rod and a old deep well socket, may have to grind the socket a little. make sure the wrist pin can fit inside the socket, and put a warsher and nut on the oposit end with a nut behind the socket. Put the threaded rod through the wrist pim install the washer and nut, then slide the socket on, then washer and nut. Turn the nuw behind the socket . This will pull the pin out. Don't forget to take the cir clips out first.Yes use the exhaust to line the cyl. up. I would put both cyl. on and start the bolts and tighten down, but leave loose enough for the cyl. to move. Then install the exhaust manifold and torque the cys. down. Make sure you have the cyl covered good, if it has the stock wrist pin bearings they are going to fall everywhere wheh you pull the pins out.


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