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    Question 96 GTX and Rave Valve Adjustment, fuel lines too?

    Hello, to this forum and to the sport in general....just bought my first 2 skis....96 GTX (140 hrs) and a 99 GSX RFI (which I paid 1200 for with a 2 place Yacht Club trailer - only 67 hours on the ski!!!!) - runs perfectly.

    Here is my question - my 96 GTX seems to be stale on power until I hit about 4000 rpm - it runs and moves just fine but the "power band" (I use this term from my dirt bike days and yamaha's) is at about 4000. My 99 GSX has much more low rpm power - much better hole shot. The GTX once above 4000 is very quick and responsive - lots of speed and great power if I keep it revv'd.

    I did a little research on this and I noticed my Rave vales were set differently - the 99 are set down - the 96 set flush. I have seen some posts that show down for lower RPM rave use and more low speed power or up for higher rave use and higher top end speed.

    I ride on Lake Erie in Avon Lake, Ohio and 99% of the time I can't get anywhere near 45 or 50 just because of the chop - so low end power is better for me and more fun to play. Should I adjust the 96 to match the 99 and if I do should I expect more power low end?

    I did have the Rave's cleaned this spring when I purchased it - they are working properly, just not as much low end take off as the 99.

    Both are the 787 motor.....

    One more question on the grey fuel lines....I called Cleveland Power Sports, the local Seadoo dealer.....the tech claimed the lines do not rot per se.....however, they can rot if they sit too long or non OEM oil is used - or bad gas get in the system.....he said if you are running fine don't bother..... What is the best way to test and see if they are bad? Cut an inch or so off a line and split it open?

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    Tear open the carbs and check the internal fuel filters to see if they are clogged (only way to check). Clean fuel selector swtich and replace gray temp lines. Betcha it will help you on low end as well.

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    The gray lines were bad on mdls. from 1994 through 2002.

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