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    2004 xl700 issues HELP!!!

    I just bought this xl700 wont rev up.
    acts like its in limp/overheat mode.
    disconnected temp sensor
    swapped cdi with my wr111 650 same thing.
    when I pull off the plug wire on back cyl engine dies like it was shut off if I pull off the front wire stays running with no change.
    Has spark to both plugs
    compression is 150 in both holes.
    took the air cleaner /box off and sprayed gas in cyl #1 with no effect.
    cranked engine with the back wire off using full throttle engine catches but just chuggs along then dies.
    could the reeds be stuck?
    The previous owner just had the carbs rebuilt for the tune of $450.
    Any ideas? I'am going to rip the reeds out tonight.

    Do both the plugs fire at the same time since there is only one coil?

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    well I pulled the reeds and they are brand new In fact the entire engine looks new / rb cleaner than a whistle. Back to sq one. I'm still thinking cdi

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    I feel ignored

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