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    Help programming des

    I bought a 05 RXP that im building a motor for over the winter. Problem #1. I bought it out of state and had it shipped in(insurance auction) and dont have the lanyard. Is there someplace I can ship the ECU to and have them program a lanyard for it? If im going to change the ECU to a aftermarket unit will it come programmed with a lanyard. Little lost on this DES stuff.

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    If you use Rotax ECU, any key will start the engine
    With Riva you MUST get activation code and go to the dealer to activate by BUDS

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    you have very few options here...

    visit a seadoo dealer ( with the ski) and have them set up a key.

    pull the throttle body mpem and ecu, ship it off to riva and have them program a key for it.

    buy a scan sea unit and program the key yourself

    going to the dealer is likely your least expensive option

    hint-get at least two-three keys setup while you are there.

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    yeah the dealer is the fastest and cheapest way to do it, I just had 4 keys reprogrammed for my 2 skis so that they work on either ski and they charged me 28 dollars.

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