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    FX SHO Steering problem

    Hi< i seem to have a tight steering issue on my SHO. I have noticed that it was making a sort of rubbing sound and getting harder near the outer limits of movement, it also got worse with the tilt up high.
    I have pulled it down and taken all the covers etc off but was hoping it would have a simple answer(like a grease nipple i cant find!) before going the hog and pullinh the steering head out out. I have checked it at the jet end and its definately in the head.

    Cheers, rob

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    There's probably not enough slack in the cables & they're getting tight when you turn the bars all the way. Have you tried pulling them through steering assembly a little more to see if the problem goes away?

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    The answer was..................... get a mirror and a light and look way up to the cable where its connected to the steering unit(above the fuel cell) and then spray some lanotec as best you can down the cable and grease the chrome rod and move bars to and fro until well lubed..

    Bloody easy when you get right into it, pity i took most of it apart before i found the problem!!

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