Hi! Most of the threads in our forum deal with the jets. I realize that some of these mods would also have applicability to the jet boats.

I have a Speedster 150 Supercharged with a STOCK engine and want to do some basic mods.

Among some of them are:

1. Solas Stainless Steel Stage II Impeller with a 15/20R

2. Rivas Stainless Steel Wear Ring

3. and an Intake grate....

Regarding the Intake Grate, does anyone knows with certainty which one will be the perfect fit for the boat above.

I have two options available but Jerry from PWC was not sure which one would fit mine.

Which of the two listed here:

a) the Riva RXP Intake Grate


b) Riva RXT/GTX Intake Grate