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Thread: Xp 951 Exhaust

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    Xp 951 Exhaust

    Hey guys im after a aftermarket Exhaust for a 1999 xp 951 if anyone knows where i could find one and any other graet ideas to make it go faster cheers

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    welcome to the forum, if you want to go fast this the place to be, Im sure one of the 2 stroke guys will be able to fix you up.

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    Check this out! It will involve a little tuning but this is pretty much it!

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    Im really after a full exhaust like a coffmans or sumthing have you use one of thoses kits cheers

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    I have a Coffman pipe, new water injection tip and water injection module. had it on my 99 XPL. (pics attached) was going to list it on ebay in the spring.
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    hey man sweet what sort of money would you want for it and is there any problems with it eg ever been repair cheers

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    I have the coffman pipe, (with flange and good rubber hose)
    I have the micro-tech ignition/revlimiter (its 3 months old)
    I have the micro-tech single water injection controller
    I have a new water injection tip and water flow valve as well.
    also the water injection controller valve as well.

    I sent you my email in a PM, we can talk thru email. not sure
    what items you are wanting?

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    The Coffman will really wake up your Ski but the 99 will need a remapped MPEM or an add on ignition that will let it rev into the range the pipe makes power and retard the ignition over 7k. OR you can go back to a 98 electrical system and get an adjustable revlimiter

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    I ran the Micro-tech ignition/rev-limited module, piggy backs on the main ECU and controls the ignition (timing curve/retard) and up to 2 water injectors. this controller is for the 99-02 XPL skis.

    the coffman pipe really has some awesome pull at around 5800-7400+
    pull. depending on your prop and jetting. put you need to run HI OCTANE
    with this pipe.

    its a real arm jerker! don't wanna be holding on with one hand when you hit the powerband.

    wanting to sale these items, and get my stoker engine built for my Mustang.

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    how much you looking for for the coffmans with the electronics?

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