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    Uhhh ohhhh, I have a situation !

    Guys, need your help ! A couple weeks ago I posted a thread on here stating that I was buying a 2009 FZR as my first PWC. Well, it came in on Thursday, but not without some problems. My dealer called me yesterday and told me that the fork lift operator apparently damaged the hull during transport, somewhere between Yamaha's warehouse in Montreal and the dealership. My dealer described the damages as being "scratches on the side of the hull in places where I wouldn't normally scratch it". He said the sponson would be replaced, and the scratches would be "filled and repaired". The scratches are anywhere from 1" wide to 15" long in places. Now this is my first watercraft, and I'm a very cautious and particular person when it comes to paying big money for a recreational vehicle. I'm posting this on here to see what you guys would expect in a situation like this. Now the dealer agreed to have the hull repaired at no cost to me. Here's the thing, I have a good relationship with my dealer, and he went out of his way to get this in for me, but still, I was told this was a new machine still in the crate, and now it's looking like I have to decide on purchasing a damaged, but later repaired one. I haven't seen the machine in person as of yet (dealer is 75 miles away) and I haven't seen pics of the damages, but I'm still feeling uneasy about the situation where I feel I should get a little more offered in this case. Anyway, if you guys could offer your thoughts on this I'd appreciate it ! I have a tough decision to make in a few days, and I could really use the insight...

    Thanks Guys !

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Pics of the damage would help in the decision. If they are just surface scratches not that big of a deal but if they breach the under structure then that is a different story. I am hearing reports that the FZR hulls are fragile and thin in spots.

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    Well if it were me, I just would not be comfortable owning A repaired ski right from the start. I would tell the dealer ill wait for another ski.

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    I would get it but see if you could get the price down. if its just scratches.

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    Did he scratch or break the sponson?
    I would have a hard time paying for something I know was damaged. If they are telling you about it, I would think it was bad. The scary part is if they are sending it to be repaired, just how bad is the damage? It could be worse than what they are saying and they are trying to cover it up.
    And Like beerdart said, the new nano hulls are a little more delicate. Plus, do these guys know what it takes to make repairs or cosmetic clean up on this hull?

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    its good they told you the truth but i still would not want to buy a repaired ski that is supposed to be brand new.

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    Pass and go somewhere else. End of story. You are spending a lot of money for a NEW product, not something that is scratched up and who knows what else happened to it. Get some peace of mind and pass on this one.

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    I would be leary of it. Tell him you want to see the damage BEFORE it's repaired, check for cracks. Frankly I wouldn't want it even if it just needs painting, then you have to worry about the paint peeling and if they will stand behind it, lost riding time, etc.. If you decide to accept it, I would expect a DEEP DISCOUNT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ercBOOSTED View Post
    Pass and go somewhere else. End of story. You are spending a lot of money for a NEW product, not something that is scratched up and who knows what else happened to it. Get some peace of mind and pass on this one.

    yes they may be trying to be 'honest' but leaving out something else that they had to fix before it arrives to you. There are other more quality dealerships. Tell this place to shove it and go elsewhere for this large purchase.

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    I would not accept the ski damaged, no matter what the discount is. There is a price to pay for accepting the ski, repaired and at a discount. You don't really know what the damage is, and how well it has been repaired. If you can check out the damage before they fix it,then maybe it would be worth it( to save some money for yourself) - depending on the damage. But it would have to be a substantial discount.

    After I signed the papers on my FZR..... We went to put it on my trailer at the dealer and I noticed 2 tiny - and I mean tiny - scratches on the ski. I told them I didn't want the ski and wanted a new one. They said they would drop the price $200.00 if I took it. I said "no" and waited another 5 days to get another one, without a scratch. I wouldn't have accepted $500.00 off for the 2 tiny scratches - but thats me.... I like my stuff mint.

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