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    New 1990 550sx and 1993 X2

    Hey all took a cool trade for a 1990 550 sx and a 1993 X2 in great condition physically. Both had engine problems. Decided to pull both engines at the same time. 550 needed a crank and it is built and finished. Beautiful. Now just started tearing down the 650 and I am stump ted. The Mag cover when removed had like a quart of what looked like transmission fluid in it. Here is my question. It is the same magneto and set-up as the 550. No oil in the 550. When torn down, and I installed none. The top hole what would be the fill is open, no knob like the 650. What is supposed to be in the mag case? What kind of oil, how much and this is the first jet ski I have seen with a submerged in oil magneto. Learn me!

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    There's actually not supposed to be any oil in there. I've heard people say to drop about an ounce of tranny fluid in though just to help prevent the starter bendix from seizing. I've done that much and it does work. I'm not sure about the 550 but the 650 is supposed to have that black ATV dipstick style plug on top.

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