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    Can I swap my 4tec 130hp for a 215hp engine

    Hi guys, I was wondering is it possible and whats involved in swaping my stock 4tec 130hp engine for a 4tec 215hp motor.

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    Anything is possible - but may not be cost effective - might be cheaper to sell and get a different ski.

    What year and make ski?

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    If you mean a complete engine swap, it wouldn't be too too difficult. If you mean upgrade your 130 parts to 215 parts, you'd be in for a headache. There are several turbo GTI's on this forum alone.

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    No I mean complete engine swap, I recently bought a good used 130hp to replace my blown motor, I just haven't put it in the ski yet, well just the other day I found a good used 215 for sale threw a buddy of mine, my question can I use all my old electronics, and fuel rail, or do I need to replace everything. and will the mounting feet match up. I dont want to get a new ski, since I got a dam good deal on it, and to fix it I haven't spent much and the ski looks brand new

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    I would check to make sure the wiring will work with the 215hp motor,ecu and gauges and if the years are compatible. what year is your ski and what year is the 215hp motor and what does it include?
    a couple other things interms of cost are impeller and unless your gti is an ex rental unit it will have a plastic pump that will need to be upgraded to an aluminum pump to handle the strain from the extra power.

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    I have a 2002 GTX the motor came out of a 2007 RXP, I had a 130hp 4tec in the ski, its the engine and the exhaust manifold only, no wiring nor intake manifold, nor supercharger

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    it will bolt in but you will need to change just about everything, wiring harness may work but that would be about it. driveshaft, jet pump, fuel pump, ECU, all sensors...

    repair yours and sell it then buy a 215 ski would be most cost effective.

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    ok, I think im kinda committed to buying this 215, so do you know where I can resale it

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    there are a few for sale here, hard to sell something like that to someone if they don't need it. if you haven't paid for it yet just back out on them, people do it all the time.

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    the the 07 and 02 completely different system. The mpem was eliminated and the Dess post and security system are all different Like he said hard to make it work expencive.

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