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    97 GSI Spark Problem

    Hey guys i have a 1997 GSI with a 717. Ive been having problems with this ski for months. It idle fine, starts up fine, but when I give it gas it its like chocking. I rebuilt the carb 2 times and replace the fuel lines thinking it was a fuel problem. Well I know this problem is electrical so I need some feedback on any known problems it could be?

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    Lets start with the basics..

    How many hours on it?
    What are the compression Numbers?
    What spark plugs are in it, and what gap?
    What grade of fuel and at what ratio?
    Has it been run this year after setting for the winter? ( plugged exhaust )( mouse nest )

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    Have you checked the rectifier? Open the gray box in the front of the ski. Unplug the red wire to the rectifier. Go to the lake and try it. Make sure your battery has a good charge. If it runs OK with the wire unplugged it is the rectifier bad. Replace it and you are good to go. Your battery will not charge with the red wire unplugged.Did you check the fuel switch they will stop up also.


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    I was out on the water and it was running fine hit a wave or two and all of a sudden no rev, Ive changed the coil with a spare i have, tested the rectifier and nothing, what else could it be, it fires up with no problem or effort.

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    it will idle on the water with no problem, just when i give it gas it dies like if its getting flooded

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    What is the compression?

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    compression is about 145 each cylinder, motor has about 100hours, i was thinking maybe ignition timing could be off some how, ive never rebuilt this motor so i couldent see how it would just get off timing by itself

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    well if you popped out of the water in the waves and then back in, motor free reving. I guess it be possible you lost position of the flywheel.

    Seems like it should be hard to start as well,,

    can you "feather" the throttle to get it to rev? Do you have a primer or a choke system on it ?? Try pumping the primer or choking it slightly as you throttle it.

    Are positive the fuel lines are correct on the tank spigot?
    Not taking anything aways from you rebilding the carbs but are you sure all is correct????

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    when i give it gas it boggs down like the spark isnt enough to light the mixture, if I feather the throttle very lightly out of the water it will rev up. I rebuilt the carb myself the first time, I thought it was wrong so I took it to a profesional, lines are correct %100. The Ski is a little hard to start at first, but once i get it going starts like nothing, checked the coil and even replaced it with a known working coil and nothing

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