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    hondas draining batteries

    I have a couple of honda skis that are running the batteries down because there is something constantly running under the rear fuse block both skis are doing the same thing and sometimes you have to disconnect and reconnect the batteries for them to get contact and start any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check the relay inside the black box. It may even be buzzing.

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    Thanks for the reply.I've done some some searching on the forums and found .They have microfiche for the hondas with part numbers.I found the location of the main relay and unbolted it ,hooked the battery back up and thats where the buzzing was coming from.I connected the lanyard ski woudl'nt start ,tapped on the main relay with a wrench buzzing stopped ski started up ran fine.I have main relays on order for both skis.I will post the results when there installed.By the one is a 2005 r12x and the other is a 2006 f12.

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    I had the same problem. This fixed it

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    It was the main relay located at the back of the ski part #38580-hw1-672 ,On back order until 9/15/09. I called nearly a 100 honda dealers all over the u.s. and found one in TN.and one in TX.had them overnighted .I installed them today and both machines are running fine. One dealership has sold 39 another has 5 skis waiting on them .This is just at 2 places .

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    i have the same problem, how much was that part?

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    honda main relay

    The part was $91.00 .

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    identical problem with mine. Draining battery's and making noise. When i unbolted the main relay and left it plugged in and hooked a fresh battery up it started to buzz. However the motor is start and then i sort of tapped it a few times to see if it would stop buzzing, and it killed the motor. Now wave humping out in the bay will make my motor stall. Will replacing this main relay really fix all these problems? And where is the best place to get it from? dealer?

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    main relay

    This will more than likely fix youre problem. The part is available through dealerships only.

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    Main relay if it buzzes it must be old contacter type
    therfore if, it is can it be only removed and replaced with another
    that must be 12 volts and contactors rated at some amps /
    or can it not be taken apart ??????

    Regards Xdrian

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