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    Riva Pro Series Sponsons on a px?

    I'm considering going to buy the sponsons tomorrow and I want to know if anyone who has them if you have noticed any increase in handling or stability or any benefits at all. If you have what have you noticed good or bad.


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    I honestly think that sgould be one of the last mods after the RE or Riva lock offs, intake grate, free flow, 4" Kana, and impeller change. I did it and yes I have noticed better hang in the cornering and less, searching in a straight line, but I have always done this change with removing the OPAS. I think money can be spent better first on performance stuff, and the stockers are not as bad as others.

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    I see in your sig that you don't have an air intake. If that is true I would highly recommend getting a 4" air intake setup. Sponsons are a pretty big waste of money for a rec rider.

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