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    Hudson River, NYC Question

    Hi Guys,

    I'm thinking of taking a trip around manhattan on the ski. In NJ, going under bridges is strictly NO WAKE. Is this the same for the major hudson crossings like the GWB, Brooklyn, Manhattan bridges? I'm aware you need to stay clear of the Statue of Liberty, but are there any other "hazards" I need to watch out for? I'd like to make this an enjoyable trip...not a nightmare!

    (I'll be launching from Liberty State Park, and traveling up to the GWB, and around manhattan island mostly...maybe even making my way over to the throgs neck bridge area...)


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    This is a fun trip. What to watch out for.......EVERYTHING! NYC harbor is very busy and right of way is usually determined by tonnage. With that being said, I do this trip all the time and never get tired of it. When you go around Manhattan on the East side and are in the Harlem River, there are quite a few no wake zones. However I've never seen it inforced and have never seen anyone obay it. I do slow down when going past the Harbor patrol station, (got to give a little respect), but otherwise except for a few spots where common sense will tell you what to do. One thing I would make sure of is that your ski is on tip top shape. NYC harbor is no place to brake down in and the currents in the Harlem river can be swift.

    When are you going? If you want company let me know, I usually leave from Yonkers and could meet you by the statue.

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    Thanks for the info! Going with someone experienced would be great...I was thinking about taking a day off this week or next week and making the trip. Nothing set in stone, just waiting for a warm sunny day.

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    looks like a 260x in your avi. youll have no problem. try North as well.

    info here

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    I do not know where we are launching out from. PM Otto J and ask him. Hopefully you can meet up with all of us somewhere near our launch point.

    Erin, are you coming ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by twelvesorbetter View Post
    I do not know where we are launching out from. PM Otto J and ask him. Hopefully you can meet up with all of us somewhere near our launch point.

    Erin, are you coming ??
    we drop in Yonkers and cruise right down to the Statue,so if your dropping in Liberty park we can meet you by the statue,usually take us around 30 minutes to get down the river.
    So cant wait,this is the best riding you get to do all year imo

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