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    42#'s cheap, Stock Charger 4 sale also-- offers?, Stock I/C also

    42#ers I have had for about 2 weeks, ended up going to 60's, so don't need. $125 shipped ground.

    Stock charger, *** SOLD**** JUST had the FULL rebuild on the charger *** with stainless washers up to 08 Specs... Came out of ski with 90 hours but never had any issues. $300 shipped ground.

    Also have stock I/C -- let me know. thanks.
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    Pm sent for injectors

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    t_hoang02 i changed mine to 42's if you need any input let me know -- i see you have the R&D intake grate -- i wish i knew that sunday i need your input on that -- i have the riva grate and am looking at the worx or R&D grate -- and i need some advice on them

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    Give me a price on that sc. the year and hours also-

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    Id like $325, it is completely rebuilt (about 4 weeks ago) with stainless washers , and the WHOLE rebuild kit from Riva. It's perfect. Came off my ski that has 90 hours but again, just rebuilt completely. The charger did not need the rebuild but I was getting the ski serviced so said what the heck.

    I have seen them go for $300 to $350 so just judging from there. If you're close let me know. Thanks

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    Give me a price on that sc. the year and hours also-

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    Bumpity bump.

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    pm on injectors

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