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    Exclamation 1997 yamaha GP760 buying...PLEASE HELP

    i am thinking of getting a yamaha gp760 waveruner jet ski its been in my friends garage for 2-3 yrs not being used how much will it run me for a new battery and probably a tune up. or is their a way i can do it myself?

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    welcome to the fourm...

    a good gel battery...(99.00- 119.00 worth every penny)
    carb rebuild...get with osidebill great guy..knows carbs inside & out
    oil blockoff kit... (15.00 give or take)
    remove stock grate (about 100.00 for a new one)
    fresh gas...
    oil cables...
    new spark plugs...

    I'm sure other people will chime in.

    use the Search button, It will be your best friend
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